Broad Oak Ashford
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Broad Oak Ashford

Broad Oak BMW Site Ashford
The Boulevard
Orbital Business Park
TN24 0GA
Tel:01233 500555

Your local BMW dealership in Kent is Broad Oak Ashford BMW easily accessible from locations across Kent, from Folkestone and Dover to Hastings.
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"There was a long delay with delivery having been told it would be three weeks when we ordered it. At about six weeks we were given a free courtesy car which was appreciated but did feel we were doing a lot of chasing until that point"

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115 ratings
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"I am happy with them."

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Current Offers

Current Offers

All our offers have been designed to make your move to a new BMW as effortless and rewarding as driving it.

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Broad Oak Ashford your local BMW dealer, located in Orbital Park in Kent.